Services by Rev Su



Recorded Video Response $10

Rev Su will answer your question using your choice of tarot, futhark runes or I Ching coins. The coins are suitable for times of transition, while the tarot and runes are more versatile.

She will record her intuitive reading and provide you with an unlisted link to it on YouTube.

Live Video Reading $20

Rev Su will answer your question during your video meeting on Zoom using your choice of tarot, futhark runes, the pendulum, or lot casting.

The pendulum is effective at getting to the root of a matter and lot casting is good at seeing the result of a series of actions. Tarot and runes are all-purpose.

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Wedding or Handfasting $100

Rev Su will join you and your partner in a legal non-denominational or Wiccan matrimony, or a non-legal handfasting.

She provides the text of the ceremony, you provide the two adult witnesses - and the North Carolina marriage license, if required.

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Other Services

Rev Su can officiate your baby blessing, funeral/crossing, or a cleansing & blessing of your home.
We can discuss your specific request by email.

Fees are negotiable, starting at $30.

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Examples of cards in the Windsong Tarot deck, hyperlink button

This original, photographic-style deck was designed by Rev Su in 2017. It is based on her interpretations of the 1910 Rider-Waite tarot deck as they evolved over nearly 30 years of working with tarot. The standard size deck comes in a full-color box with a companion guide.

One deck is $37.40 plus shipping, ordered from the Windsong Tarot shop hosted by MPC. Standard shipping is about $8 and takes two weeks to reach central NC.

Bulk discounts are available starting at six decks. If you would like to feature the Windsong Tarot deck in your shop, please let Rev Su know so she can direct visitors to you.

Pagan Hymnal Project

Rev Su grew up in progressive Christian churches, and as a musician herself LOVED the music. Although the Pagan music scene is coming out of the broom closet and becoming more diverse, there is still not a lot of liturgical music for use during a ritual or service.

So, she wrote some songs, of course, and created the "Pagan Hymnal Project" (pdf)! This collection also contains music for two songs by others, Robert Gass and Darrell Wilson.

Feel free to change the starting note/key to fit your vocal range. If you come up with new verses, please let me know so I can add them and credit you!

Here is a recording by Rev Su of the song "Harvest Dance" by Gwydion, and some other files (right-click the filename to save it):

Celebrate your life's journey with t-shirts and swag designed by Rev Su Windsong!

Many items available in the "Windsong Tarot Brand" store. None are advertising Rev Su or her services.